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Designing shop lighting: the best strategies

Posted On 28 August 2023

Do you need to design shop lighting? Check out the best strategies to attract customers and increase sales through light.

Lighting designers know well that the best way to illuminate a shop is to lay...

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How to illuminate a shop: 7 mistakes to avoid

22 August 2023

How can you illuminate a shop? Find out which lamps to choose, where to place them, and 7 mistakes to avoid in the design phase!

Commercial lighting has specific needs that differ from residential...

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5 valuable tips for creating a lighting project with Moby Dick

23 September 2022

When creating a lighting design project, nothing can be left to chance.

When choosing the style, the perfect furniture, and the trendiest design accessories, you risk jeopardizing everything if...

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Where to place the lamps from the Karman Zoo: 7 projects for different rooms

26 August 2022

In a lighting design project, both for private homes and contract environments,lighting plays a decisive role. Not only does it have a functional role but it alsoclearly outlines the location’s...

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Wall or ceiling lights? Here's how to arrange them in hotels and restaurants

15 April 2022

When it comes to designing a contract environment, examining the lighting in the smallest detail and adapting it to different spaces is of fundamental importance, even if it is often considered by...

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Finding a balance between decorative lighting and technical lighting

16 April 2021

In every lightning project, the aesthetic component of the lamps is as fundamental as their functionality and performance. The synergy between luminous potential and style will guide you in...

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How to create the right atmosphere with lighting

19 February 2021

Lighting plays a decisive role in the perception of spaces and in defining the type of atmosphere you desire. Decorative lighting sources are the key to the success of the best interior design...

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Cupido by Karman: materials, shapes and colors

4 September 2020

Cupido is one of the latest Karman lamps belonging to the new collection presented at Euroluce 2019. It is a lighting design solution with a great aesthetic appeal capable of expressing a new...

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Create the right mix of aesthetics and functionality with Karman lamps

1 August 2020

Every professional must create a refined environment, paying attention to the smallest details, in particular, one element that enhances the style of each area and gives value to each furnishing...

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Karman Lamps for a room with an eclectic style: Karman’s selection

15 July 2020

Eclectic design is one of the best ways to decorate spaces with a bold style and creativity. It is one of the most popular genres of interior and lighting design at the moment because it can mix...



Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.