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Finding a balance between decorative lighting and technical lighting

Posted On 16 April 2021

In every lightning project, the aesthetic component of the lamps is as fundamental as their functionality and performance. The synergy between luminous potential and style will guide you in...

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How to create the right atmosphere with lighting

19 February 2021

Lighting plays a decisive role in the perception of spaces and in defining the type of atmosphere you desire. Decorative lighting sources are the key to the success of the best interior design...

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Which lamps are the best for bathroom lighting?

5 February 2021

Bathroom lighting is a detail that should not be overlooked, because the type of light proves to be very important from the moment you wake up, a delicate moment, and in the evening before you go to...

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Be Yourself: reveal your personality, free your style

27 January 2021

It is precisely through their original stylistic language that all the lamps communicate a clear message—an invitation to show their authenticity in all their facets. This is just a small taste of...

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Cupido by Karman: materials, shapes and colors

4 September 2020

Cupido is one of the latest Karman lamps belonging to the new collection presented at Euroluce 2019. It is a lighting design solution with a great aesthetic appeal capable of expressing a new...

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Karman Lamps for a room with an eclectic style: Karman’s selection

15 July 2020

Eclectic design is one of the best ways to decorate spaces with a bold style and creativity. It is one of the most popular genres of interior and lighting design at the moment because it can mix...

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Design and luminous suggestions in a contemporary home: the Andermann project

17 June 2020

In a decorative lighting project for the home, it is necessary to select the most suitable creative designer lamps for the furnishing context. That is because creating a balanced synergy between...

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Lighting and technology: creating the right atmosphere with Karman’s help

3 June 2020

No matter what research you conduct on lighting technology, LED technology will always show up. This type of light is characterized by a light-emitting diode or an optoelectronic device which, when...

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Accent lighting: tips for making the best use of it

20 May 2020

In every self-respecting decorative lighting project for the home, creative design solutions and functional brightness levels are always introduced, namely: ambient lighting, task lighting, and...

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Visual comfort and lighting: creating a balance between design and functionality

6 May 2020

Architects, interior designers, and, above all, lighting designers are increasingly aware of the influence, positive or negative, that lighting can have on the well-being of the observer and on the...



Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.