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Designer suspension lamps: where to place them

Posted On 17 November 2023

Designer suspension lamps? Read our article to find out where to place them in your lighting project to create a stylish and functional environment.

Designer suspension lamps are an evergreen in the...

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Lamps with animals for emotional lighting design

24 October 2023

Fun, imaginative, and functional: lamps with animals solve domestic and contract lighting by bringing a pinch of liveliness to every environment.

A fish swimming placidly up the wall, a deer head...

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The role of lighting in the design of an environment

6 October 2023

The role of lighting, in the design phase of an environment, is essential in every interior design project. Find out why and all the elements to consider.

The objective of interior design is to...

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Wall lamp or chandelier? How to choose home lighting

18 September 2023

Wall lamp or chandelier? Find out which is the best choice for your lighting design project based on the characteristics of the environment you are illuminating.

Choosing the right lighting is...

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Illuminating the poolside: Karman's advice

8 September 2023

Illuminating the poolside is advantageous both from the point of view of safety and aesthetics: here's how to do it with Karman!

In the lighting complex of private homes, as well as contract contexts...

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Karman suspension lamps for the bedroom

1 September 2023

Karman suspension lamps for the bedroom are the best solution to make your room welcoming and comfortable: here are our tips!

The bedroom should be an oasis of peace and relaxation. It is the place...

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How to illuminate a stovetop: Karman's advices

1 August 2023

How do you illuminate a kitchen stovetop? Discover the useful tips to follow and some ideas with Karman lamps to take inspiration from.

The kitchen is the hub of the house. It is the place where...

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Illuminating an open space with original solutions? This is how

24 March 2023

Open spaces have become a popular trendin modern homes.

And there are many reasons why.

First of all, this solution gives youmore space and light even in the smallest living contexts. Moreover,...

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Determining the ideal height for wall lamps: here are 5 methods

27 January 2023

Wall lamps representan extremely versatile lighting solution.

In fact, they can be used asa source of ambient lighting(i.e. general lighting),accent lighting(capable of highlighting...

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9 tips to light up the bedroom

20 January 2023

When you enter a home, you expect to enter a small world of its own, intimate, comfortable, and personalized in every respect.

Light is one of the key factorsthat profoundly characterizes its...



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