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Technical lighting and scenographic lighting: how to best calibrate them

Posted On 14 August 2020

Inserting adequate lighting is extremely important for a self-respecting lighting project. What makes the difference between a general project and a well-structured project is the strategic...

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Designing outdoor lighting: here are solutions you haven’t thought of

1 July 2020

When designing outdoor lighting, remember that effective designer lighting is indispensable not only to make outdoor spaces better during summer evenings but also to enjoy them when the weather is...

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Lighting and technology: creating the right atmosphere with Karman’s help

3 June 2020

No matter what research you conduct on lighting technology, LED technology will always show up. This type of light is characterized by a light-emitting diode or an optoelectronic device which, when...

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Nilo by Karman: materials, shapes, and colors

17 April 2020

Nilo is one of the new lamps from the 2020 Karman collection. Again this year the Marche-based company has presented a series of innovative proposals whose technical-aesthetic qualities have been...

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Having fun with outdoor lighting: Pirla by Karman

3 April 2020

Outdoor lighting offers many advantages, because it can illuminate the path your client takes towards the front door, help them organize evenings with friends in the summer, highlight some...

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Illuminate each room spectacularly with the new 2020 collection by Karman

20 March 2020

New year, new creations by Karman. Again, for this season, Karman's creative team has worked on new projects, designing decorative lighting solutions with an evocative and ironic character.


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Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light

4 March 2020

In decorative lighting projects for luxury hotels and accommodation facilities, it is essential to ensure optimal brightness in every corner and room of the location. Your primary purpose is...

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Karman: Made in Italy and the enhancement of cultural heritage

15 January 2020

Passion for creativity and evocative charm, tradition, and innovation and love for made in Italy: these are the factors that make up the aesthetic and qualitative figure of Karman, the Marche...

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Kimono: the lamp chosen for a luxury project in Ibiza

14 November 2019

There are many styles available for furnishing a luxury environment, but only one name unites the luxury lighting and design of these environments: Karman, whose designer lamps are able to offer not...

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Lighting for villas: this is the Villa Simona project

7 November 2019

Karman designer lamps, thanks to their unparalleled stage presence, always know how to animate the most evocative settings of the best lighting design projects.

For years, Karman has been dealing...


Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.