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Wall lamp or chandelier? How to choose home lighting

Posted On 18 September 2023

Wall lamp or chandelier? Find out which is the best choice for your lighting design project based on the characteristics of the environment you are illuminating.

Choosing the right lighting is...

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Illuminating the poolside: Karman's advice

8 September 2023

Illuminating the poolside is advantageous both from the point of view of safety and aesthetics: here's how to do it with Karman!

In the lighting complex of private homes, as well as contract contexts...

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Karman suspension lamps for the bedroom

1 September 2023

Karman suspension lamps for the bedroom are the best solution to make your room welcoming and comfortable: here are our tips!

The bedroom should be an oasis of peace and relaxation. It is the place...

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Surprise your client with the right lighting choreography

6 July 2021

Creating an interior design project means creating the mood of the location by playing on the interaction of two aesthetic-functional macro-factors: decor and lighting. The decor is a real style...

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Playing with light in your project to create the right atmosphere

30 June 2021

Lighting is the key to the success of the best interior design projects. This is because light plays a decisive role in the perception of spaces and defining the type of atmosphere, be they private...

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How to illuminate a hotel lobby: 5 tips for an effective reception

22 June 2021

If you are designing an accommodation facility, you will be interested to know that in terms of atmosphere and efficient accommodation, light plays a decisive role.

Decorative hotel lighting...


Decorative lighting for hotels: everything you need to know

11 June 2021

Le Corbusier, a great Swiss architect and designer, stated: "Light creates ambience and feel of a place, as well as the expression of a structure”. Light can establish the mood of an environment...

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Get the perfect integration between natural and artificial light

30 May 2021

The relationship between man and artificial light is not so remote: in the 1820s, technology allowed us to prevent the darkness in an increasingly efficient way and replicate the natural light of...

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5 mistakes to avoid in interior lighting design

4 May 2021

When design meets lighting, new and surprising lighting ideas for spaces are always born. Lighting design solutions can illuminate spaces with originality, communicate through style and transmit...

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Finding a balance between decorative lighting and technical lighting

16 April 2021

In every lightning project, the aesthetic component of the lamps is as fundamental as their functionality and performance. The synergy between luminous potential and style will guide you in...



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