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Karman's Made in Italy designer lamps for technical and quality lighting

Posted On 28 April 2023

Are you looking for Made in Italy designer lamps to make your lighting project unique? Discover the quality and technique of Karman lamps.

Light represents much more than just a simple functional...

Indoor Design  / Lighting technology

How many types of indoor lighting exist and how to choose them

21 April 2023

Different types of indoor lighting exist, and correctly identifying them, both from a function point of view and the choice of lighting fixtures, will determine the success or otherwise of the...

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Illuminating venues at the seaside, Karman lights up Maitó: discover the project

17 March 2023

The creation of the right atmosphere cannot be separated from a punctual and studied use of lighting, in the home but above all in public places. Architect Michele Vitaloni, head of Charmitaliastudio 

Outdoor Design  / Lighting technology

How to choose outdoor lighting: guide to the selection of products and materials

10 March 2023

Whether in private homes or contract contexts, the design of outdoor environments plays an essential role, especially for locations that aim for excellence, to amaze, and to make a style statement.


Lighting technology

A message from Q-Bic’s Architect - Best practices and trends for lighting in 2023

24 February 2023

Founded in 2005 by Luca Baldini (architect) and Marco Baldini (designer), the Q-Bic Studio deals with architecture, but also with graphics, design, and the setting up of temporary spaces, right up to...

Lighting technology

Interview with the architect and designer: how to combine customer needs with the designer's creativity

10 February 2023

Dario De Meo is a designer and Luca De Bona an architect: together they form the design studio Debonademeo which is active in various fields, from product design to interiors. Their collaboration,...

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5 examples of office lighting with Karman lamps you can take inspiration from

5 August 2022

Many different inconveniences can be encountered when carrying out an office lighting project: a well-lit environment from a functional point of view but absolutely flat and anonymous from an...

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How to light up a room with a high ceiling. 3 aspects to consider

10 June 2022

Nowadays, having a house with a high ceiling is an increasingly rare thing, given the current trends in the construction sector and the minimum heights required by law.

Designing an environment with...

Lighting technology

A world without humans: the best photo projects in abandoned places

10 May 2021

They sneak into remote places, among the rubble and broken glass, inside the skeletons of old factories, villas, and places of worship. They are the urbex photographers--an acronym for urban...

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Lighting design: what does its future look like?

26 December 2019

The digital transformation taking place is also affecting the lighting sector, which is constituted by a real complementary structure to the development of interconnected systems that increasingly...



Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.