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Guide to choosing designer lamps for the bedroom

Posted On 14 May 2024

Need some designer lamps for the bedroom? Read this article to find out how to choose the right ones to enhance your lighting design project.

Bedroom lighting is a crucial aspect of interior design,...

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Hotel lighting: Karman's contract projects

9 February 2024

Need ideas for hotel lighting? Read this article to discover Karman's contract projects, which you can take inspiration from for your lighting design project.

If lighting plays a fundamental role in...

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Modern suspension lamps: Moby Dick turns 10

30 January 2024

Are you looking for modern suspension lamps? Check out Moby Dick, the Karman lamp that has turned 10 but never gets old!

White, informal and suitable for any space: the modern suspension lamp Moby...

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Modern home lighting: Karman project in Saint-Tropez

22 December 2023

Are you looking for inspiration for the lighting of a modern home? Discover the project of a designer villa in Saint-Tropez with Karman lamps!

With its range of proposals from elegant suspensions to...

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Designing home lighting: a guide on lights and lamps

15 December 2023

Planning home lighting? Read our guide for professionals with all the best practices and many ideas for home lighting.

Lighting in an interior design project is often an underrated but crucial...

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Designer suspension lamps: where to place them

17 November 2023

Designer suspension lamps? Read our article to find out where to place them in your lighting project to create a stylish and functional environment.

Designer suspension lamps are an evergreen in the...

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Bathroom lighting ideas: 5 designer lamp proposals

10 November 2023

Are you looking for bathroom lighting ideas for your lighting project? Read the article to discover 8 designer lamp proposals to inspire you.

The bathroom represents an increasingly significant...

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Lamps with animals for emotional lighting design

24 October 2023

Fun, imaginative, and functional: lamps with animals solve domestic and contract lighting by bringing a pinch of liveliness to every environment.

A fish swimming placidly up the wall, a deer head...

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Bar counter lighting: how to choose the lamps

20 October 2023

Lighting at the bar counter is essential, but how do you choose the right lamps? Read this article and discover our advice!

When it comes to illuminating a room, the choice of lighting, like that of...

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How to illuminate the veranda: ideas and tips

13 October 2023

How can you illuminate a veranda to create the right atmosphere? Discover the best practices to follow and Karman decorative lamps for your project!

Outdoor lighting requires the same care and...



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