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5 valuable tips for creating a lighting project with Moby Dick

Posted On 23 September 2022

When creating a lighting design project, nothing can be left to chance.

When choosing the style, the perfect furniture, and the trendiest design accessories, you risk jeopardizing everything if you don’t chooselighting capable of combining aesthetics and functionality and creating the right atmosphere.

For this reason, extreme attention must be paid to identifying the most suitable lighting fixtures, in terms of design and performance, for both indoor and outdoor lighting, and private and, even more so, contract contexts.

The interior and exterior spaces of each location must be perfectly consistent and in line with the concept, united by a subtle and clear common theme.

Are you looking for the right idea for your lighting project?

Karman can meet your needs with Moby Dick, a collection of lamps with an eclectic and sinuous design, simple in its originality, extremely versatile with different styles, and great for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

In this article, we will discover their features and provide 5 tips to make the most of them and leave your client speechless.

In particular, we will take a look at:



Moby Dick

Moby Dick: the ideal lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces

"Suddenly on the billows of the sea, the huge and humped back of Moby Dick appeared, a ghostly white (...), his hump stood out on the sea in its dazzling whiteness, while all around the waves boiled with white foam (...)".

Karman uses the words of Herman Melville, author of the famous novel Moby Dick, to describe the collection inspired by his novel.

The fiberglass diffuser, which characterizes the lamps of the Moby Dick collection, recalls the sinuous curves of a whale's back, curves that chase each other in a collection inspired by the imagery of the marine universe.

Designed by Matteo Ugolini, Moby Dick is still appreciated even today and curiously more than before, both for indoor projects, where it is inserted as a unique lamp, and outdoor spaces that require light, but also a rarefied atmosphere, like terraces and gardens.

Thanks to its white fiberglass, rough on the inside and smooth on the outside, Moby Dick diffuses a warm, soft, and discreet light

The luminescent sculpture, available in two sizes, has a futuristic profile that seems to float in space, with its fringed outline that recalls the sea waves crashing on the back of a white whale.

Here are some suggestions for using this collection in a design lighting project.


CTA 2022 catalogue


5 valuable tips to create a lighting project with Moby Dick

Moby Dick molds to its context and acquires a unique and distinctive personality, which decorates and embellishes the environment with sophisticated discretion, without going unnoticed.

This is why some of the most prestigious design studios have chosen it for their contract projects.

1. Illuminate the tables of an exclusive restaurant by the sea

As every architect or interior designer knows, designing the right lighting for a restaurant is essential to create the desired atmosphere and guarantee task lighting for diners.

Installing one or more Moby Dick suspension lamps above the tables, inside the restaurant in the outdoor space, as in the Maito project by the Charmitalia studio in Forte dei Marmi, not only allows you to provide direct light so customers can enjoy their dinner but also to create a sophisticated and fresh environment at the same time, just like a location by the sea should be.

Choosing the same decorative lamp for the indoor and outdoor spaces at the restaurant also allows you to create a common thread that makes the mood perfectly coherent.



Moby Dick

2. Illuminate the outdoor spaces of a trendy restaurant

Ibiza has nothing to learn from anyone when it comes to fashion and trends.

Here, in the Hard Rock Café project, suspended in the external pergola, Moby Dick appears as if he were floating on a breath of wind.

Several suspension lamps, positioned in a casual way and combined with the Karman lamps from the Kimono and Plancton collections, create a sensation of movement.

The delicacy and grace of Moby Dick create a perfect contrast with the venue’s minimal and rock style.



Moby Dick

3. Give a touch of lightness to a serious meeting room

The following location is serious, at times gothic, and the prevailing color is the dark brown of the wood that dominates the scene.

In the Cancera Hotel project in Palma de Mallorca, some Moby Dick suspension lamps, positioned at different heights above the large rectangular and irregular table of the meeting room, give a touch of lightness and provide a practical but discreet light for business meetings.

4. Make the relaxation area of a lobby chic

The lobby is the area of the hotel dedicated to welcoming guests, and for this reason, it must be impeccable.

Installing some Moby Dick suspension lamps at different heights and close together, like in the Hotel Chavanel project, will create a particularly intimate and chic atmosphere in the relaxation area of the lobby, where you can have a chat or a tea.

This lamp is perfect for matching different styles of furniture, from the most classic to the most modern.



Moby Dick

5. Create the right atmosphere in the living area 

A warm and welcoming living area with a rustic style acquires further charm and elegance thanks to Moby Dick.

The whiteness of the lamp acquires and reflects the warm shades of the environment that it illuminates with grace and discretion, creating a pleasantly soft atmosphere.

As you can see in the project at the Utikino Country House, in Russia, Moby Dick was positioned above the sofas and armchairs.

Moby Dick also fits perfectly into rural contexts such as farms and ancient farmhouses, and its presence in the living area of the Lanzagallo Refuge is an example of this.



Moby Dick

Moby Dick: the design lamp for every environment

We have seen how Moby Dick, thanks to its essential and original design, responds to the needs of the most diverse locations, in terms of style and intended use.

From a seaside restaurant to a luxury hotel, from a trendy venue to a country house, there are no limits to the possibilities of this decorative lamp for indoor and outdoor spaces.


CTA 2022 catalogue


For more information, support, and assistance for the creation of your lighting project with Moby Dick, do not hesitate to contact us at this link. We are at your complete disposal!


Camilla Rossi


Camilla Rossi



Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.