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2021 Lighting project: the importance of outdoor decorative lighting

Posted On 8 October 2021

The primary objective of outdoor lighting design projects for homes, premises, and accommodation facilities is to outline the mood of the entire location through lighting.

The lighting of a house or a structure's outdoor space is a real calling card. This is why—as well as for the indoors—it is essential to define a lighting plan for the outdoors and take care of both its aesthetics and functionality.

For the project’s success, it is important to select decorative designer lamps that are best suited to the context, with unique technical qualities and a remarkable visual impact.

To get you started on the right foot, we have compiled a list of key tips to make your lighting project work best.

2021 lighting project: 5 guidelines to follow for outdoor lighting

With the aim of accompanying and guiding you in the development of your outdoor lighting project, we have compiled a list containing 5 key guidelines to follow to carry out a state-of-the-art design, in terms of style and technical quality.

In particular:

  1. Evaluating the perimeter and deciding on the layout of the lighting composition
  2. Selecting the decorative lamps suitable for the location's concept
  3. Determining the best locations for each lamp
  4. Use different lamp models in each area
  5. Outlining the mood by playing with lights of different intensity

We will now analyze each point.

1. Evaluating the perimeter and deciding on the layout of the lighting composition

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the available space and examine the perimeter outside the location by carrying out day and night inspections.

By doing this, you will be able to identify the focal points that need to be illuminated: tables, trees and vegetation, fountains, ponds, swimming pools, and even statues.

Once the key focal points have been defined, it is important to identify the main passagewayskey areas that need clear and directional lighting—such as cobblestone paths that lead to other areas of the property, walkways, small bridges, porches, and driveways.



Black Out

2. Selecting the decorative lamps suitable for the location's concept

Once you have figured out where you will place the various light points around the location’s perimeter, you can move on to the selection of lamps that reflect the client’s tastes and that meet the project's technical needs.




3. Determining the best locations for each lamp

Once the first step has been completed, it is advisable to draw a detailed map of the area and decide on the exact spots for each lamp.

We suggest that you begin the sketch by rendering buildings, bridges, benches, trees, shrubs, greenery, decor, and architectural elements present in the yard.

Finally, it is necessary to highlight all the focal areas defined in the first step, calculating their height and approximate length (bridges, passages, paths, etc.).

4. Use different lamp models in each area

It is important to select appropriate lighting sources for each focal area. Therefore, we advise you to use lighting design solutions with a different concept for each area.

Each lamp has its own functionality and structural characteristics that make it suitable to a greater or lesser extent in certain spaces. The Karman lamps designed for outdoor spaces are:


If you are looking for the most suitable lamp to illuminate a porch, stone vault, or small entrance canopy, why not choose Alibabig?

This type of lamp is able to decorate spaces and guarantee directional and intense light.





At dinner, a restaurant's customers or simply diners gathered in a home's yard will need the right amount of ideal task lighting to be able to enjoy functional and decorative light.

At the table, it is important to always guarantee a degree of lighting that ensures excellent visibility and at the same time establish an intimate and comfortable mood.

To achieve this, you could be daring with a lamp created for indoor use, but often used in an original way even in outdoor contexts: Bacco. This particular model will give each space the right level of lighting without giving up a stimulating “candlelight” experience.




Black Out

If you are dealing with outdoor lighting for an important home with a long and spacious exterior gallery, we recommend choosing suspension lamps, perhaps opting for models with a more sophisticated design.

In this regard, you could choose Black Out. The wire, wrapped around the structure, creates dense weaves in each solution that are never the same, thus guaranteeing always different and surprising lighting designs.

To add a touch of decor and at the same time ensure greater stability to the lamp, you can add a white ceramic candle holder.



Black Out


To create an impactful decorative lighting design composition you might be interested in Cell. Evocative profile and silhouette designed by a thin white or bronze metal wire, this model in opal plexiglass (in the outdoor version) has a remarkable stage presence and guarantees diffused and uniform light throughout the environment.

These are the qualities that make it perfect for illuminating the poolside or to be placed outside a modern style gazebo or luxury pergola, or in a small outdoor living area.





In an outdoor lighting complex, it is essential to include multiple lighting design solutions to ensure a variety of styles and light intensity.

To introduce optimal degrees of task lighting and accent lighting, you could install Nilo outside the villa or private home you are working on. A slender body and luminous heart: this lamp's structure recalls in all respects a rush’s silhouette, which is why it is impossible not to notice it.

This model is ideal along external walls or walls adjacent to paths and walkways. Nilo's materials, shapes, and colors guarantee points of light that can guide the observer, highlight architectural details, and at the same time, of course, decorate the space with great refinement.




Don’t Touch and Ululì Ululà

Outdoors, in the evening, the atmosphere is charged with stimulating sensory vibrations. The observer's eyes look for sources of light that can guide them but that do not go wrong in terms of style and decorative potential.

To entertain the view and at the same time ensure an excellent night view, we recommend selecting outdoor floor lamps. The choice of model depends exclusively on the concept designed for the house’s exterior and the type of mood that you want to convey.

If the client wants to add a decorative touch in a modern style and create a light atmosphere, opt for Don’t Touch. This outdoor design solution has an evocative shape, and its slender and refined profile similar to that of tall hedges teases sight and touch.



Don’t Touch

On the contrary, if the client wants to scatter lighting design objects of great aesthetic presence throughout the outdoor space, choose Ululì Ululà. The light, passing through the material interspersed with fabric inserts, will spread dimly throughout the environment, providing always different and bewitching light patterns.



Ululì Ululà

Ginger, Plancton and Settenani Collection

Often the material that makes up the lampshade determines the degree of light and the intensity with which it is released into the space.

If the intent is to create a relaxing, almost fairytale-like atmosphere along a path in the garden or in a small loggia, choose Ginger. The glassy ripples of the lampshade with a retro charm and the color of the light, as a whole, will ensure a serene and intimate atmosphere in your space.




The same result can be obtained by opting for Plancton, for the lighting of a veranda or a long porch. While if you want to make a style statement using one or more solutions with a material but refined spirit, then select the Settenani Collection.



Settenani Collection


Xana is part of the 2021 outdoor collection and bears the signature of Edmondo Testaguzza.

It is a design solution with great decorative potential, an ideal lamp for the outdoors. Its name is a real tribute to Asturian folklore.

Xana has a light and minimal structure and a disc that echoes the typical features of the water flower and houses a luminous LED heart in the lower part.




It is equipped with a ground connection or a picket that can be modulated at different heights and this allows it to be placed in any position.

Xana is highly functional and gives clear and uniform light to the different outdoor areas. Here are the most suitable areas in which it can be placed:

  • Poolside
  • Along a path
  • Among the greenery
  • Next to a pergola or veranda


Decorative outdoor lighting: inspirations


5. Outlining the mood by playing with lights of different intensities

To outline the right mood, you could combine lighting fixtures with lights of different intensities. The sources of cold light and warm light do not necessarily have to be separated.

In fact, if positioned correctly, the different lighting sources will create an ideal luminous choreography to infuse the environment with a welcoming and intimate or even more stimulating and energetic atmosphere.

Our advice for a lighting project with a great technical-aesthetic content

Designing an outdoor lighting complex means enhancing the image of private homes, premises, and accommodation facilities with decorative lamps that do not renounce the technical qualities that guarantee safety and visibility.

The lighting of outdoor locations requires solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics to offer an exclusive experience and not fail in terms of visual comfort and practicality.

We recommend that you follow our 5 useful guidelines to carry out a state-of-the-art design and thus create a charming outdoor atmosphere and make the entire location safe and well-lit.


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For more information, support, and assistance in the implementation of designer outdoor lighting projects and in choosing the most suitable solutions, do not hesitate to contact us at this link. We are at your complete disposal.

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Camilla Rossi



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