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Karman: Rome’s Central Market Project

Behind the interior design project for Rome’s Central Market, designed by architect Luca Baldini and designer Marco Baldini (studio Q-bic, Florence), there is a fundamental objective that goes far...

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Lamps for concept restaurants: the La Ménagère project

La Ménagère in Firenze, now a concept restaurant, was founded in 1896 as the first Florentine home store (not by chance, the name means “housewife" in French). Today this large room of 1500 square...

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The best modern designer lamps by Karman

In the field of lighting design, the modern style is distinguished by sobriety and elegance. Modern designer lamps are characterised by clean lines, simple geometries and neutral colours, so they...

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Solutions for an effective bathroom lighting design

Posted On 29 January 2019

Light plays an active role in creating an impactful scenic design and dynamic spaces on a visual level and giving unique and special shapes to a room’s atmosphere. Colours, shades, lights and...

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Industrial style suspension lamps: where to place them

25 January 2019

Decorative lighting and furnishing styles together represent an inseparable combination in the design world. Changing together with the pace of trends, they make innovation with new lighting...

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Decorative home lighting: giving light to every room

22 January 2019

Like all interior designers and architects, light plays a fundamental role in the customisation of a residential space. Using different types of decorative lighting for each room means creating...

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Decorative lighting for hotel rooms: 10 of the best suited Karman lamps

18 January 2019

Many elements help create the right atmosphere in a hotel room, and light is one of them. Light can change a guest’s hotel experience. Wall lamps, appliqués, chandeliers and floor lamps have the...

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Customisable lamps: why choose them?

15 January 2019

Every lamp plays a central role in the characterisation of a location. Choosing to customise every element of the lighting system for the hotel, restaurant or house you are designing means giving a...


Decorative lighting for hotels: everything you need to know

8 January 2019

Le Corbusier, a great Swiss architect and designer, stated: "Light creates ambience and feel of a place, as well as the expression of a structure”. Light can establish the mood of an environment...

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Decorative lighting for restaurants: all the solutions

19 December 2018

 In the catering world, in addition to the taste of the dish, the eye also plays a role. The same applies to the type of lighting you choose for your business. Decorative lighting is a fundamental...

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6 lamps to have a fairy garden

29 May 2017

The garden is becoming a living space. For this purpose, it’s important to choose the right lighting support. If you desire a low light for a relaxing effect, a bollard lighting or a funny and...

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Magical Karman lighting fixtures light up La Ménagère - Florence

17 May 2017

From the ashes of the historical 1500 square metre space on two floors in Via de’Ginori 8 where, from the end of the 19th century, Florentine ladies could once find all they needed to lay their...

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Fuorisalone 2017: Manuel Ritz and Karman for Bacco

8 May 2017

The collaboration continues Karman and the historical menswear brand, Manuel Ritz. During the Milano Design Week 2017, they present an original version of Bacco a new rechargeable table lamp in the...


Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.