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What is the best material for outdoor lamps?

Whether it is a lighting project for private or contract environments, it is essential to choose the best material for outdoor lamps.

Whatever the context, a well-structured outdoor lighting design...

Indoor Design

Small, blind bathroom lighting: tips and mistakes to avoid

Far from being a simple utility room, the bathroom has now become elevated, more and more of a sort of "temple" dedicated to well-being and personal care.

Therefore, this environment requires...

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Karman's Made in Italy designer lamps for technical and quality lighting

Are you looking for Made in Italy designer lamps to make your lighting project unique? Discover the quality and technique of Karman lamps.

Light represents much more than just a simple functional...

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Matching lighting with the furnishing style: mistakes to avoid

Posted On 17 February 2023

Trends in the field of interior design are constantly changing. However, the main types of styles always remain evergreen, and it is essential that lighting professionals are very familiar with...

Indoor Design

How to illuminate an indoor staircase: 4 ideas by Karman

14 February 2023

Whether it is a private home or in contract contexts, indoors staircases act as important passage areas and connect the different floors of the house, hotel, or club.

Not only. An indoor staircase...

Lighting technology

Interview with the architect and designer: how to combine customer needs with the designer's creativity

10 February 2023

Dario De Meo is a designer and Luca De Bona an architect: together they form the design studio Debonademeo which is active in various fields, from product design to interiors. Their collaboration,...

Indoor Design

How to add light to a room without windows: 4 original ideas

7 February 2023

Managing a project that includes one or more rooms without windows is one of the most difficult tasks that an interior designer or architect can face.

Illuminating a dark environment and making it...

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The 21 best lighting design software to choose from in 2023

3 February 2023

Being a lighting designer requires a mix of skills and competences in art and science and technique and aesthetics.

In fact, creating a lighting project goes far beyond the choice of lighting...

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Determining the ideal height for wall lamps: here are 5 methods

27 January 2023

Wall lamps represent an extremely versatile lighting solution.

In fact, they can be used as a source of ambient lighting (i.e. general lighting), accent lighting (capable of highlighting...

Indoor Design  / Private Home

9 tips to light up the bedroom

20 January 2023

When you enter a home, you expect to enter a small world of its own, intimate, comfortable, and personalized in every respect.

Light is one of the key factors that profoundly characterizes its...

Outdoor Design

Michelin Star Chef to furnish his restaurant with luxury Karman lighting: a Peter Brunel project

17 December 2022

A once modern villa with little more than a garden in the backcountry of Arco, Trentino Italy, near to Alto Garda, has been transformed into what we now know as Chef Peter Brunel’s Ristorante...

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5 valuable tips for creating a lighting project with Moby Dick

23 September 2022

When creating a lighting design project, nothing can be left to chance.

When choosing the style, the perfect furniture, and the trendiest design accessories, you risk jeopardizing everything if you...

Indoor Design

Illuminate with Black Out: 5 different ideas for private homes, restaurants, and hotels

9 September 2022

Architects and interior designers know well that creating a precise, accurate, and detailed lighting design project is fundamental to ensure that the final result is perfect, both in terms of...



Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.