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Outdoor Design  / Indoor Design

How to calculate how many lumens and watts are needed to illuminate a room

Posted On 25 September 2019

Calculating the lumens and watts needed to illuminate a room is an essential element to ensure that the lighting is adequate for the setting and is neither too dim nor too intense.

Before delving...

Indoor Design  / Restaurant  / Private Home

5 large suspension lamps by Karman

18 September 2019

Large suspension lamps are lighting complements that characterise certain indoor and outdoor areas, adding colour, cheerfulness, and personality even to duller environments.

Despite being a valid...

Indoor Design  / Hotel  / Restaurant  / Bar

Bar lighting: 10 steps for choosing and positioning lamps

10 September 2019

In a bar, each customer deserves to feel at ease, enjoying excellent visibility and a refined atmosphere, outlined by the exclusive presence of creative designer lamps.

The entrance, bar counter,...

Outdoor Design  / Hotel  / Restaurant  / Private Home

Designer outdoor lighting: the 10 most suitable lamps according to Karman

30 August 2019

The success of a lighting design project for private residential complexes, as well as for restaurants and hotels, derives from the care of indoor and outdoor lighting, which both actively influence...

Outdoor Design  / Indoor Design

Solutions and styles of designer appliqués for the indoors and outdoors by Karman

22 August 2019

Lighting is a fundamental element for any environment, whether indoors or outdoors, as it gives a unique and personalised atmosphere to each location, in addition to its necessary functions.

It is...

Indoor Design  / Private Home

5 designer Karman lamps to illuminate the living room

13 August 2019

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is usually placed in a central position. It is also the most spacious room, where guests spend time, people relax in front of the...

Indoor Design  / Hotel

How to illuminate a hotel lobby: 5 tips for a great lobby

6 August 2019

If you are designing an accommodation facility, you will be interested to know that in terms of atmosphere and efficient accommodation, light plays a decisive role.

Decorative hotel lighting serves...

Indoor Design  / Retail

How to illuminate a shop and retail spaces: advice from Karman

30 July 2019

To illuminate a shop, the decorative designer lamps used must be in total harmony with the mood of the commercial space you are dealing with. Caring for a retail lighting design project in detail...

outdoor  / Outdoor Design

5 tips on illuminating the poolside with the right decorative lamps

23 July 2019

When dealing with the lighting of private homes, as well as hotels and outdoor restaurant environments, taking care of the outdoor lighting design details is essential to create a unique and...


Illuminating a restaurant table: different types of lamps and performances

16 July 2019

When it comes to restaurants, lighting plays a central role in terms of atmosphere and an optimal view. In the hall used for the reception of guests, it is appropriate to pay due attention to the...


Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.