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How to illuminate a kitchen hob: Karman's advice

Posted On 30 April 2019

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It is the place where liveability and functionality play a leading role. In fact, in addition to serving as a central meeting area where family and friends spend their time together, the kitchen environment hosts numerous workstations used during food preparation.

Among these, we find the hob, an important work area that requires functional gradations of task lighting, i.e., intense and direct lighting, able to ensure visibility and guarantee a comfortable performance of activities.

Also, in this case, it is possible to make a style statement through light, selecting lamps that combine technical and aesthetic character with an original and effective lighting design solution.


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If you are working on the decorative lighting system for the home, specifically in the kitchen, we recommend that you follow our advice on how to illuminate a hob.

5 useful tips on how to illuminate a hob

To illuminate this important task area of the kitchen, it is essential to follow the right steps, in such a way as to select the design solution that best meets the taste of your customer and that can above all guarantee optimal lighting.


Settenani Collection How to illuminate a kitchen hob

Settenani Collection

In this sense, it is necessary to follow 5 key suggestions to illuminate the hob correctly:

  • Evaluate the configuration and ceiling height
  • Select the lamp model
  • Identify the most suitable positioning of the light points
  • Choose suitable lighting temperatures
  • Consider the details

1. Evaluate the configuration and ceiling height

Before choosing between the various options and different models, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the layout of the kitchen and the height of the ceiling.

Focusing on these two aspects will help you identify the most suitable solution for the lighting system in the kitchen you are designing, thus avoiding making mistakes in terms of the space and dimensions of the lamps to be installed.


Gangster How to illuminate a kitchen hob


2. Select the lamp model

Once you have assessed the configuration of the kitchen area and the height of the ceiling, you will be able to select the lamp model that best suits the context.

Are you working on an L-shaped kitchen with a high ceiling? In this case, you could install suspension lamps to fill the gap from the ceiling up to 80 cm above the hob, introducing a decorative element of ideal lighting design, and confer optimal lighting to the location.

The most versatile lamp models are suspension lamps, given the possibility to install them individually or in composition and in both alternatives they guarantee functional gradations of task lighting, essential for correctly illuminating workstations.

However, other types of lighting are suitable for illuminating a hob, such as ceiling lights or appliqués.


Nando How to illuminate a kitchen hob


3. Identify the most suitable positioning of the light points

The preparation of the cooking area influences the positioning of the light sources in the kitchen.

Lighting must find continuity in every kitchen space, especially above the hob , the main work area where excellent visibility is essential.

If you are designing an island kitchen or a linear arrangement, for example, we recommend installing one or more lamps above the central island, based on the extension of the location and thus providing a directional and homogeneous light zone.


Gangster How to illuminate a kitchen hob


4. Choose suitable lighting temperatures

Temperature and light intensity determine different visibility conditions and, consequently, create particular atmospheres that are never the same.

Warm lights and cold lights have the power to influence the perception of spaces and the emotional status of the observer in multiple ways.


Gangster How to illuminate a kitchen hob


So what's the best solution for illuminating a hob? Our advice is to prefer light shades that tend towards white, so opt for a cold, energetic and stimulating type of lighting, ideal for illuminating the hob clearly and directly.

Warm lights, on the contrary, are ideal for infusing an intimate and comfortable climate, a type of atmosphere more suitable for the living area and bedrooms.

5. Consider the details

Illuminating the hob, besides being a primary necessity, has become an action aimed at increasing the aesthetic character of the kitchen.

That's why considering design finishes and decorative details of the lamp has become important.

To choose the lamps for the hob and insert them harmoniously into the kitchen lighting complex, we recommend selecting the models with the aesthetic concept most in tune with the furnishing style.


Gangster How to illuminate a kitchen hob


Those just listed are our lighting tips: 5 fundamental guidelines for the correct choice of the most technically and aesthetically suitable solutions to illuminate the hob.

Nevertheless, we know that to achieve an aesthetic composition with a surprising decorative potential, a note of style and creativity is required: a distinctive touch that only Karman lamps can guarantee.

Style and functionality: illuminate a hob with Karman lamps

Karman designer lamps are the perfect synthesis between a technical and aesthetic rendering, which is why they are perfect for giving functional light to the hob, without giving up style.

Below, are the Karman lamps designed for illuminating the hob:

  • Gangster
  • Sahara
  • Mek
  • Nando
  • Settenani Collection

The charm of Gangster

Gangster is a suspension lamp with a total white look and shiny bronze hue, made by Matteo Ugolini. It is a white ceramic lamp with a retro taste, characterised by a simple but elegant profile, with rounded and decisive lines that pour into a lampshade with a sometimes more or less compact shape. Gangster is available in four different formats.


Gangster How to illuminate a kitchen hob


This lamp combines design and functionality, as it furnishes spaces, adding an added aesthetic value to the kitchen, and gives directional brightness to the workstation.

Sahara: a lamp with a sculptural form

Sahara is a suspension lamp, designed by Matteo Ugolini, with a white ceramic structure, available in three sizes and different shapes. In every solution, it fits into the kitchen environment with innate refinement and illuminates the hob with direct and intense beams of light.


Sahara How to illuminate a kitchen hob


Sahara has a lampshade with an impressive and evocative shape, inspired by the typical shapes of cacti, silent inhabitants of the hot sandy expanses of the Sahara, from which it takes its name.

The unmistakable industrial style of Mek

Mek acts as a reference light in the kitchen, optimally illuminating the kitchenette. It is one of the industrial style suspension lamps by Karman which, in its essentiality, presents a unique and original decorative potential.


Mek How to illuminate a kitchen hob


Designed by Bizzarri Design, it is available in three different solutions that share the same structure articulated in three overlapping mechanical rings of different diameters. The sharp lines that outline the profile of Mek echo the shapes of gears and industrial mould finishes.

Nando: essentiality and great aesthetic performance

Nando is named after Ferdinando Innocenti, inventor of the scaffolding system. No coincidence that the lamp, made by Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo, has a structure consisting of a metal joint and a micro-perforated tubular, available in gold, black or white.


Nando How to illuminate a kitchen hob


These are the main structural features that make this suspension lamp a design element with a sober yet sophisticated look. Nando introduces focal points of intense and energetic light that stands out in the centre of the kitchen and illuminates the hob from above.

The elegant materiality of the Settenani Collection

The Settenani Collection lamps, made by Matteo Ugolini, find their full expression in a variety of shapes and lines. This line of lamps presents seven lighting design solutions with different silhouettes, each with a raw cement shade, opaque grey, but with a unique and distinctive aesthetic character.


Settenani Collection How to illuminate a kitchen hob

Settenani Collection

Materiality and sober design, sturdiness and opacity, are the main characteristics of these suspension lamps, which elegantly decorate the spaces whether they are applied individually or in composition, and give beams of vertical and clear light to the hob.

Solutions by Karman to illuminate a hob

The illumination of the hob becomes an expression of aesthetic taste with Karman lamps.

Following our 5 maxims of style and design, you will realise a well-structured lighting project step by step with great attention to detail.

Choosing our lamps, guarantors of functional lighting and unmistakable creative design, will ensure that your client has a successful result in a functional sense and with high stylistic and decorative potential.


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For more information, support and assistance in choosing the right lamps and models to illuminate a hob for the kitchen you're designing, don't hesitate to contact us at this link. We are at your complete disposal.

Camilla Rossi


Camilla Rossi


Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.