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Contract lighting for hotels and accommodation facilities: Karman lamps

Posted On 17 May 2019

Creating a contract lighting project means creating a bespoke lighting plan for your clients. Making a fully customised product according to a hotel’s technical and stylistic requirements is not completely straightforward, but not impossible.

Light is pure experience, it is the hotline that connects us emotionally to the places we visit.

Making mistakes when choosing the most suitable lamps for contract lighting projects for hotels can irreversibly ruin the perception that visitors and clients will have of the atmosphere of each environment.

If you are dealing with lighting design contract projects for hotels and accommodation facilities, follow our 5 useful tips to improve the aesthetic and technical performance of your bespoke products.


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5 tips to improve contract lighting projects for hotels

The main objective in contract lighting projects for hotels is to find solutions that can set a unique and welcoming atmosphere in each space and that are more in line with the stylistic concept of the structure.


Dharma contract lighting for hotels


To create a project of high technical and aesthetic content for your client, here are 5 useful tips to follow to improve your contract achievements:

  • Take care of the lighting of the lobby and reception areas
  • Pay close attention to the mood you create in the bedrooms
  • Focus on the lighting in the bathroom
  • Define the illumination of the corridors and stairs
  • Select lamps for the restaurant and bar

1. Take care of the lighting of the lobby and reception areas

The lobby and reception are the hotel’s business card, as they provide the first impressions of what guests can expect inside.

For this reason, in these spaces, it is essential to create a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere through illumination.


Black Out contract lighting for hotels

Black Out

Let’s start with the lobby: this area of the hotel needs a declaration of style and functionality.

Opt for elegant chandeliers or several suspension lamps, as well as solutions that combine attractive design and functional brightness.

Beyond the lobby, we find the reception, that is, the information office used to receive visitors and clients. Here, too, it is necessary to install lighting sources of high technical and aesthetic performance, such as suspension lamps or small chandeliers.

2. Pay close attention to the mood you create in the bedrooms

The bedrooms are a place for relaxation and comfort, a welcoming retreat where visitors indulge in rest after a long day of sightseeing. In this case, it is appropriate to create an intimate and relaxing mood, but nevertheless conducive to daily activities.


Plancton contract lighting for hotels


First, to set an optimal ambient lighting level, you could install suspension lamps if the ceiling is high, or ceiling lights if the ceiling is low. Each of these models will provide functional and well-distributed lighting in the room.

Secondly, it is necessary to guarantee functional degrees of task lighting. Place table lamps on the desk, bedside tables and coffee table or even standard lamps next to the reading chairs in the different areas of the bedroom.

Finally, to give a final touch of light, you could install small lamps or adjustable spotlights beside pictures, paintings or art elements placed along the walls.

Accent lighting solutions highlight the room’s architectural and design details, elegantly enhancing its visual appeal.


Scrivimi contract lighting for hotels


3. Focus on the lighting in the bathroom

Lighting also plays a key role in the bathroom. As a place used for aesthetic treatments and daily personal hygiene, the bathroom needs both uniform and well-distributed light and brightness concentrated in the task areas.

To delineate the atmosphere and the aesthetic profile of the bathroom, we advise you to select creative designer suspension lamps. While for the lighting for the mirror and washbasin, opt for adjustable spotlights or wall lamps.


Alì e Babà contract lighting for hotels

Alì e Babà

4. Define the illumination of the corridors and stairs

The best decorative lighting projects for hotels also include passageways such as corridors and staircases. These functional areas connect the various areas of the hotel and guide clients to the entrance of their bedrooms.

That is why, even in this case, it is essential to choose suitable solutions to illuminate these areas and allow guests to move freely and reach the areas of the structure in total safety.

For a type of direct and uniform lighting, you could opt for recessed lamps or wall lamps , to be placed both on the walls adjacent to the stairs and on the ceilings of the corridors.

Last trick: if you want to add extra brightness to the stairs, we advise you to install recessed spotlights over the steps.


Le Trulle contract lighting for hotels

Le Trulle

5. Select lamps for the restaurant and bar

The lamps that will illuminate the hotel’s food & drink areas must create an atmosphere of liveability and hospitality while guaranteeing maximum functionality for smooth service.

If you want to set a generally calming and comfortable mood, choose warm light sources (no more than 3000 K), while to instil a stimulating and dynamic climate install cold light sources (3300 K-5300 K).

In any case, make sure that the design of the chosen lamps expresses a sense of continuity and aesthetic synergy with the furnishing composition of each area.

To ensure functional gradations of task lighting, place each table at the centre of the lighting project, taking into consideration their predisposition inside the room. The diners, once accommodated, expect to be able to read the menus and consume their meal with optimal visibility.

In this case, choose suspension lamps: this model, in addition to being aesthetically versatile, guarantees that surfaces have direct and intense brightness.

Finally, to enhance the stylistic character of the room, place small accent lamps on the walls to highlight decorative elements and artworks.

As a rule, the solutions designed to give optimal brightness to the restaurant’s rooms are also suitable for the bar area. Also, to correctly illuminate this area of entertainment and conviviality, it is advisable to evaluate the best lamps to illuminate the countertop.


Le Trulle contract lighting for hotels

Le Trulle

Karman lamps in contract lighting projects for hotels

Karman lamps, perfect examples of Made in Italy designs, are born from a creative weave that combines light, always magical and pure, with a timeless style.

The inimitable taste of our lamps emerges in the most peculiar aesthetic compositions of hotels and accommodations around the world.

In this section, we will show you some of the contract lighting projects for hotels that feature lighting design solutions by Karman. In particular:

  • Maison Kalea, Sorrento - Italy
  • Hotel Dupond-Smith, Paris - France
  • Aqua Blue Hotel, Santorini - Greece

1. Maison Kalea, Sorrento - Italy

Maison Kalea is a characteristic Bed & Breakfast located in Sorrento. To determine the stylistic feature of this structure is the use of contrasting colours, with a magnetic visual impact, both in the furnishings and the decoration of the various areas.


Alì e Babà contract lighting for hotels

Alì e Babà

In the bedrooms, we find Alì and Babà in the appliqué version, realised by Matteo Ugolini. This particular model has a white ceramic structure and a white linen shade, ideal for greater light diffusion.


Domenica contract lighting for hotels


Also in the bedrooms, we meet Domenica by Luca De Bona & Dario De Meo, in the suspension and appliqué versions used as sources for ambient lighting and task lighting. It is an elegant design lamp with a white plaster bell finished with refined engravings and wire mesh to complete the structure.


Scrivimi contract lighting for hotels


In the dining room, we see Scrivimi, by Matteo Ugolini, in several solutions arranged over a long table.

It is an unusual lamp with a captivating design and is characterised by a flat white ceramic shade whose inner part seems to reproduce the texture of crumpled sheets.

2. Hotel Dupond-Smith, Paris - France

Hotel Dupond-Smith is a Parisian hotel located in the Le Marais district, on the right bank of the Seine. It is a suggestive location that is the setting for an elegantly furnished structure with a balance between the eclectic and modern style.

To give an unmistakable note of style to the bedrooms, we find three Karman designer lamps: Sahara, Le Trulle and Cell.


Sahara contract lighting for hotels


Sahara, a suspension lamp designed by Matteo Ugolini, with its sculptural form, dominates the centre of the room, transporting the viewer well beyond visual perception.

The shiny green copper-coloured paint on the outside makes the profile of the lamp even more evocative, while the white colour inside the lampshade reflects the light with intensity.


Le Trulle contract lighting for hotels

Le Trulle

We find Le Trulle in another room with a different aesthetic concept. These are refined creations by Edmondo Testaguzza, whose design draws inspiration from distant memories, but still vivid.

The graceful line of the natural ceramic body follows the curves of the metal wire that completes the lampshade.


Cell contract lighting for hotels


Finally, we meet Cell in suspension format. Another creation by Matteo Ugolini able to fit in with sober elegance in the most particular furnishing contexts. It is a white lacquered metal wire structure with a white silk tassel: a classy signature.

3. Aqua Blue Hotel, Santorini - Greece

Aqua Blue Hotel is a luxury hotel located near the beautiful black beach of Perissa. A hotel that stands out for its unique atmosphere made intensely relaxing by the pure white tones that gracefully dress up each space.


Plancton contract lighting for hotels


In total stylistic agreement with the furnishing scenario, we find Plancton: a suspension lamp in white fibreglass designed by Matteo Ugolini.

The semi-spherical lampshade welcomes the light then releases it into the environment, intense and direct.


Black Out contract lighting for hotels

Black Out

Fibreglass takes on a new shape and identity with Black Out, another suspension lamp designed by Matteo Ugolini. A thick fibreglass wire wraps around the metal structure and generates ever-changing textures, allowing light to filter and create light effects that are unique every time.

Contract lighting for hotels: giving style to every space

The best contract lighting projects for hotels and accommodations include lighting solutions with a unique decorative potential, able to perfectly align with the stylistic concept of the structure.

In this sense, Karman lamps are ideal for contract lighting design projects for hotels and accommodation facilities.

In addition to adapting with innate versatility to every context, they communicate through a unique aesthetic language, based on design and creativity: a formula that never gets old.


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For more information, support and assistance in the contract lighting project for hotels and accommodation facilities that you are designing, don’t hesitate to contact us at this link. We are at your complete disposition.

Camilla Rossi


Camilla Rossi


Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.