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10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman

Posted On 15 October 2019

The bedroom is an oasis of peace and relaxation. It is the place where lighting plays a decisive role in terms of the sensory and emotional perception of environments, as well as the time spent inside them. To create the perfect atmosphere in the room, it is important to select the most appropriate solutions, with aesthetic and functional peculiarities suitable both to optimally illuminate the environment and give an additional decorative touch to the furnishing scenario.

If you're working on lighting design projects for private homes or accommodations, we recommend reading this article.

Below, you will find useful style and design tips and more. We will show you the designer Karman lamps designed for illuminating the bedroom.


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9 tips to ensure proper lighting in the bedroom

The solutions selected to give functional brightness to the entire room should, above all, emphasise the atmosphere of peace and intimacy that reigns within it.

Furthermore, each lamp must be in perfect stylistic agreement with the furnishing scenario.

To get a final result with great technical and aesthetic value, we decided to draw up a list containing 9 tips to illuminate the bedroom impeccably:

  1. Consider the main entry points of natural light;
  2. Opt for more lighting solutions;
  3. Select the most suitable lamps for ambient lighting;
  4. Take care of the correct positioning of lamps and switches;
  5. Choose practical and functional lamps;
  6. Take care of the accent lighting;
  7. Choose lamps suitable for spaces;
  8. Yes to coloured lights, but don't overdo it;
  9. Opt for dimmable solutions.

Let's continue in stages.

1. Consider the main entry points of natural light

Remember that natural light also plays a vital role in illuminating the bedroom.

Before selecting the solutions best suited to the client's needs, carefully evaluate the brightness of the environment without artificial lighting.

Consider the presence of large windows, balconies and terraces, as well as potential access routes to sunlight.

Natural light, together with lamps with the right colour temperature, will create a fresh and light atmosphere.

2. Opt for more lighting solutions

Choosing multiple solutions to illuminate the bedroom is the turning point for a successful lighting design project.

By introducing lamps for ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting, you will ensure comfort and the ability to freely carry out activities in the room.

3. Select the most suitable lamps for ambient lighting

Not all lamp models are suitable for illuminating the overall bedroom. Whether large or small, the bedroom needs direct and uniform light.

In this regard, you could opt for recessed lamps arranged around the entire perimeter of the ceiling, or install suspension lamps.

4. Take care of the correct positioning of lamps and switches

Arrange switches and light sources according to the arrangement of the furnishing elements. To illuminate the comfort zone, for example, we suggest you install lamps at the sides of the bed with controls and switches, to make them easily accessible.


24 Karati 10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman

24 Karati

5. Choose practical and functional lamps

Read a book under the covers, move around safely at night, work on the computer, undress, change clothes, etc.: these are the activities most frequently performed in the bedroom that require optimal task lighting.

In this case, you could opt for wall lamps or floor lamps, which are effective for illuminating the bed area, and introduce table lamps to be placed on the desk or dresser.

6. Take care of the accent lighting

Decorations, plants, ornamental vases, design elements, frames, paintings and photographs are small but important personal style details that give personality to the bedroom, enriching the furnishings, and for this reason, should be enhanced with the right brightness.

For this reason, we recommend that you select recessed and appliqué solutions to highlight every piece of furniture or design in the room.

7. Choose suitably sized lamps for the spaces

The size of the lamps must always be chosen according to the space available in the bedroom.

If you are dealing with a room with a small ceiling, opt for a suspension lamp or a ceiling light, while in the case of bedrooms with large ceilings, choose several solutions or install a large chandelier.

8. Yes to coloured lights but don't overdo it

Coloured lights in the bedroom? Why not, the important thing is not to overdo it because, in fact, colours amplify our perception of the space, but not all the shades satisfy the look in the same way.

We suggest you opt for warm, soft lights, so the atmosphere in the room will be light and pleasant.

9. Opt for dimmable solutions

Adjust the intensity of the light to illuminate the bedroom, using dimmable lamps. In this way, you will be the one to set the right atmosphere for all hours of the day.


Cell  10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman


10 suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman: the solutions you were looking for

If you have come this far, you will have already read and treasured our suggestions for the realisation of decorative lighting projects for houses and hotels.

Now, we would like you to be inspired by the unmistakable taste of lighting design solutions by Karman.

Below, we will show you the features of 10 modern suspension lamps designed specifically to recreate a unique atmosphere in the bedroom:

  • Alì and Babà
  • Norma M
  • Bibendum
  • Cupido
  • Sherwood
  • Snoob
  • Work in progress
  • Domenica
  • Le Trulle
  • Mek

Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of each one.

1. Ali and Babà

Alì and Babà is the ideal solution to give a touch of sobriety and elegance to the bedroom.

It is a suspension lamp with a simple but strongly evocative design, created by the designer Matteo Ugolini, who found inspiration in the stories of The Thousand and One Nights for its realisation.


Alì and Babà 10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman

Alì and Babà

2. Norma M

Norma M is a lamp with the characteristic shape of a bedside lamp. Simple design, graceful lines, original style: this is the unmistakable signature of designer Edmondo Testaguzza, who created this unique solution.

In an arrangement or individually installed, this lamp will always fascinate the observer, which is why it is perfect for illuminating the bedroom.


Norma M 10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman

Norma M

3. Bibendum

To set up the most sophisticated furnishing scenarios, you could choose Bibendum: a suspension characterised by a diffuser with overlapping rings of different sizes and a curved silhouette. The glassy material, satin or transparent, instils a sense of lightness and creates unique and rarefied atmospheres, always providing new magical light.

Paola Navone is the signature of this creation with an evocative and opulent charm, a new element of the 2019 collection that rides the waves of the latest lighting design trends and renews its calling card.

4. Cupido

To stay aligned with the trendiest design and lighting trends of the moment, you could choose Cupido: a solution designed by Matteo Ugolini, able to combine performance and decoration in a synthesis of great aesthetic potential.

The anthracite-coloured cotton lampshade reveals the face of a geisha on the inside, a symbol of oriental sensuality as well as class and elegance, characteristics that make the observer fall in love".

5. Sherwood and Robin

Sherwood and Robin is unequivocal proof that in nature, everything is a suggestion since every element and creature, simply existing, is an inspiration for those who turn their creativity into real art, always reinventing and designing.

Sherwood and Robin is a suspension lamp in white ceramic made by Matteo Ugolini with a strong evocative impact. Along the edge, a curious squirrel approaches an acorn with caution, as well as the diffuser of the lamp itself.

A solution with an ironic and original design, perfect for the bedroom, large and small.


Sherwood and Robin 10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman

Sherwood and Robin

6. Snoob

Snoob, another creation by Matteo Ugolini, is a suspension that evokes the typical design of a chandelier, but with a renewed concept and silhouette.

Snoob is impressive in size but graceful due to its clean and long-limbed form. It adapts with extreme versatility to any furnishing scenario, especially that of the bedroom since it decorates the environment but without weighing down the atmosphere.


Snoob 10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman


7. Work in progress

Work in progress, designed by Matteo Ugolini, is a suspension lamp with a bold and original character. It is reminiscent in every way of a construction lamp but renewed in appearance thanks to the gentle lines of white ceramic and the floral details that decorate the internal part.

Positioned next to the bed, Work in progress introduces optimal lighting levels to move freely and enjoy excellent visibility, while at the same time decorating the entire room with innate sobriety.


Work In Progress 10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman

Work In Progress

8. Domenica

Domenica is a suspension lamp made of a plaster body, completed at the end by a narrow metal mesh.

Designed by Matteo Ugolini, this lamp is ideal for use as a source of task lighting and ambient lighting for the bedroom.

Domenica combines creative design and functional lighting in a single solution, giving the room the light it needs without giving up a touch of decor and style.

9. Le Trulle

Le Trulle are suspension lamps, designed by Edmondo Testaguzza, in pure white, with a white metal wire diffuser and natural ceramic structure.

They are available in three different shapes and sizes, each elegant and of great suggestive character. Soft lines and rounded shapes blend harmoniously, evoking the design of the Apulian trulli, hence the name of the lamps.

Le Trulle are undoubtedly convenient and sophisticated solutions, perfect for illuminating the task areas of the bedroom.


Le Trulle 10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman

Le Trulle

10. Mek

Mek , a suspension created by Bizzarri Design, is an industrial lamp available in white and bronze, black or white and in three dimensions, and it stands out for its particular metallic shapes.

Mek is also suitable for the most intimate rooms in the home. For this reason, you could use it to give a directional and intense light source to the room, perhaps by installing a composition above the bed's headboard.


Mek 10 modern suspension lamps for the bedroom by Karman


Modern suspension lamps: these are the perfect solutions for the bedroom

In this article, we have provided you with some useful tips for illuminating the bedroom and have shown you t he most suitable Karman solutions to decorate and give functional brightness to this environment.

Choose the lamps that best meet the client's technical and aesthetic needs, and make your decorative lighting project a successful realisation.


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For more information, support and assistance in choosing the right models of modern suspension lamps for bedrooms that will have a great impact, don't hesitate to contact us at this link. We are at your complete disposal.

Camilla Rossi


Camilla Rossi



Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.