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Lighting and technology: creating the right atmosphere with Karman’s help

Posted On 3 June 2020

No matter what research you conduct on lighting technology, LED technology will always show up. This type of light is characterized by a light-emitting diode or an optoelectronic device which, when crossed by an electric current, exploits some semiconductor materials to produce photons through a spontaneous emission phenomenon.

With the advancement of technology, lighting systems have been undergoing substantial changes, as they are no longer designed only to make light but are also used to create atmospheres capable of exciting and involving, giving personality to the environments that they illuminate and furnish.

As a result, technology is making huge steps forward. For this reason, all lighting fixtures must interact with new-generation devices: the interconnected relationship between lighting installations and technology inevitably leads to the consequent development of new designs of increasingly sophisticated aesthetics and the development of products as sophisticated as they are easy to use.


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The integration of technology with lighting creates functional and design lighting systems

Having become a real scenic element, the light must still be able to contain the dimensions of lamps and systems, and it does so thanks to the use of LEDs and micro-Leds. Through this kind of lighting, your client can transform and modulate the lights according to the situation, adapting them to different needs.

The world of modular lighting is as complex as it is fascinating because it is heavily populated by the research of new technologies, which aims to meet the needs of a clientele that is increasingly attentive to harmonious shapes and consumption.

Any lighting designer can confirm that more and more clients require the use of LED lights in everyday life. Therefore, companies in the lighting sector have developed the electronics of the components for the operation of these light sources, the suitability of the different materials able to dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs and have refined the ability to manage the beams of light that risk causing damage to the user or adversely affecting their visual comfort.

Traditional sources almost did not condition the development process of a new concept. However, this does not occur with LED sources since the technology has been an integral part of the project since the beginning of its conception and strongly affects its final result, which is constantly evolving.

It is clear that talking about lighting does not mean identifying only the lamps, but it is a process that involves entire lighting systems, which not only have the task of illuminating but also aim at psycho-emotional well-being, saving energy--and, consequently, economic savings--and analyze light in all its facets so that we can exponentially improve this sector.

Technological innovations have generated the organic light-emitting diode, the OLED, a light source characterized by advanced technology that allows you to create very thin and foldable color displays. These displays can emit their own light without needing the help of additional components in their internal system.

Another very important proposal in the lighting sector concerns a lighting system focused on the interaction between light, man, and the environment and on digital intelligence lighting devices.

All this is possible through an app you can use to connect the lighting technology to your smartphone: your client will select the light according to the functions they need, controlling and modulating the various lighting elements and devices present through their smartphone. In this way, your client can conveniently monitor the entire lighting system and easily manage it remotely, and all this can also be done offline.

The integration of artificial intelligence is a great step forward in the lighting sector, opening doors to an innovation process and placing itself entirely at the service of the user.

The change in light sources has already gone from incandescent to LED and OLED technology. At this rate, in the near future, technology will create designs and functionalities that will revolutionize the way we design lamps.

In the past, the upper end of lamps was proportionate to the volume of the bulb that was going to be installed. Today, this situation has completely changed due to the use of point sources such as LEDs. So, if before what characterized a lamp was its upper part, today, a lamp is recognizable by its body, or minimizing even to the point of not using the light source.

In addition, the change that leads from the luminous omnidirectionality of the traditional lamp to the one-way LED means that light studies have an academic connotation. As a result, they are much more accurate, often concerning even simple decorative lamps, through the conscious use of lenses or technical measures suitable to replace the light output to which your customer is accustomed, with the quality of light of new technologies.

Choose the Karman lamp suitable for any environment

Each environment deserves the right attention to light, from the kitchen to the living room, passing through the sleeping area and the bathroom. For this reason, it is essential to properly illuminate all living spaces according to the purposes for which they are intended.

With a few simple tricks, you will be able to achieve optimal results, exploiting the most strategically suitable points where light fixtures can be installed.

Below, you will find some tips for creating the right atmosphere with Karman lamps for any environment.

Directional light for the dining room

In the dining room, direct light is preferable, to delimit the convivial space in a versatile way, such as the Gonzaga Collection by Karman, a lamp that seems to dance throughout the space with its minimal geometries, on which lights and shadows chase each other seamlessly, generating a silent scenographic dynamism. Position the Gonzaga lamp up to a maximum of 80 cm from the top, to offer optimal light in this space, without neglecting the taste for design.


Lighting and technology: creating the right atmosphere with Karman’s help gonzaga


Diffused and effective light in the living room

In the living room, soft light is essential. Therefore, to obtain a pleasant and hospitable environment, you must expertly measure out the lighting. For this purpose, choose a lighting system that allows the light to filter softly and indirectly, diffusing it homogeneously throughout the space. The Cupido Collection by Karman is perfect for creating the right atmosphere required by an environment such as the living room, as it is made up of lamps that manage to bring together two different worlds in perfect harmony, namely that of technical and decorative lighting, by means of a long and minimal LED light bar that pierces through a fabric lampshade.


Lighting and technology: creating the right atmosphere with Karman’s help cupido


Suspension lamps to make light in the kitchen

A kitchen is a place for creativity and sharing. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for an LED light source, or a family of direct suspension lamps, which can adequately illuminate the work surface: the Bag Collection by Karman embodies all the versatility of a bag. The Bag lamp is a light source with a different character every time, also concerning the finish, color, or material and is formed by a soft and welcoming cap, embraced by a handle with which you can hang them in suspension from the ceiling.

Soft and atmospheric light in the bedroom

The sleeping area deserves special attention: this is the most intimate area of the house, dedicated to rest and intimacy. For this reason, it is good to choose a light source with soft light, such as the floor lamp of the Atelier Collection by Karman, perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere by filtering the light through the lampshade which, like an haute couture dress, is sewn and entirely decorated by hand. The craftsmanship of the Atelier lamp makes it a highly functional example with a unique design.


Lighting and technology: creating the right atmosphere with Karman’s help atelier


Delicate light for the desk

A soft light source is preferable for the desk, which manages to create a comfortable visual atmosphere, suitable for work or reading. Choose a table lamp that offers the right luminous balance, spreading direct or indirect light, such as the Alibababy lamp by Karman, which, with a clean and elegant design, will perfectly illuminate the space that is dedicated to it.

Bright light for the bathroom

In the bathroom, an environment needs the right amount of light, therefore, correct lighting will make every move easier. For this reason, it is advisable to use a generic light to illuminate the space properly, such as the 24 Karati lamps by Karman, whose name is the perfect metaphor for pure craftsmanship and Made in Italy design. In addition, it uses spotlights to be installed along the perimeter of the mirror, such as Make up by Karman, which constitutes a slight restyling that makes the idea of the old bulb born from the British genius of Joseph Wilson Swan in 1850 appear in three new looks, foundation, eyeshadow, lip gloss and finally a touch of mascara.

Soft and diffused light for the children's room

In the children's room, soft and diffused light is recommended, given by a well-shielded and non-direct source, such as a ceiling lamp, a wall light or a floor lamp oriented towards the ceiling. An interesting solution with a particular design is definitely the Aprile applique by Karman, a lamp that makes a perfect light for an environment like this, whose design is characterized by natural elements.


Lighting and technology: creating the right atmosphere with Karman’s help aprile ti vedo

Aprile and Ti Vedo

Create the right atmosphere for any environment

The technology of the light sources is constantly evolving and changing quickly enough to require designers to always be attentive to changes in the sector to avoid doing projects that quickly become obsolete, which would imply significant complications for manufacturers and buyers.

The concept of design is increasingly turning towards a light at the total service of the user, which we could define as ambient light. Lighting is increasingly sophisticated and integrated, as technology today allows the miniaturization of luminaires and their remote management.

Decorative lamps, in addition to giving character to the spaces and declaring the taste of those who live in them, will make the ambient light an atmospheric light where the individual lamps, with their different lights, integrate to make a space otherwise flat and monotonous unique, but which thus always enjoys the embrace of the atmosphere suited to its functions.

Furthermore, over time other objects, not necessarily lamps, will become light sources: with Oled technology, for example, we will see furniture whose facades can become luminous parts when necessary, or again, instead of the chandelier, it will be the top of the dining table that will be illuminated, and so on.

Another major change will be made by the integration of wireless technology, which will be able to supply energy to light sources, which will no longer necessarily be connected to a power cable.

Therefore, you must take into consideration the constantly evolving technologies in the lighting field, to be able to find new stylistic and functional solutions that will allow you to realize the best project. Use the advice here regarding the optimal solutions that Karman collections have to offer you and create the right atmosphere for every environment through lamps that, with a unique design, know how to combine lighting and technology with perfect harmony.


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Camilla Rossi


Camilla Rossi



Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.