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Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light

Posted On 4 March 2020

In decorative lighting projects for luxury hotels and accommodation facilities, it is essential to ensure optimal brightness in every corner and room of the location. Your primary purpose is always ensuring visual comfort and a welcoming atmosphere, as well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of each furnishing scenario.

To do this, it is necessary to draw up a detailed design, meticulously follow each phase and select the best creative designer lamps suitable for the context.

In this article, we will illustrate useful tips for correctly illuminating the main indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel or the accommodation you are dealing with and also suggest the ideal lighting design solutions by Karman for this type of project.

Designing the lighting of a hotel: how to give a new light and image to indoor and outdoor environments

It is known that lighting and furnishings are fundamental factors in interior design projects since they depend on the location’s degree of hospitality and the atmosphere that is perceived, both indoors and outdoors.

Below, we will deepen the indoor and outdoor lighting concepts of a hotel by giving you some key tips to achieve an impeccable result in any environment.

Indoor lighting

Guests occupy indoor environments the most; therefore, it is necessary to take care of the aesthetic and functional aspects of the lighting in each room. Below, we will show you how you should illuminate the following spaces:

1. Hall

2. Reception

3. Bedroom

4. Bathroom

5. Corridors and passage areas

6. Restaurant and bar

7. Spa and wellness center

8. Conference room

Let’s continue step by step.


Karman Mini Catalogo Hall&Reception 2021


1. Hall

Mood and a welcoming atmosphere are the calling card of a hotel. For this reason, taking care of the hall’s lighting is essential to impress visitors and welcome them from the first moment with the right light.

For the entrance, it would be preferable to opt for chandeliers, ceiling lights, or a composition of suspension lamps capable of giving directional lighting to the workstations, and which generally manage to instill the first sensation of warmth and comfort.

If your client wants to install a solution with an evocative design but, at the same time, sober and elegant, you could choose Notredame: a ceiling lamp with a defined geometric cut that follows the articulated lines of the ancient Gothic rose windows. At the center of the structure made of white technopolymer, or optionally in gold, there is a luminous heart that guarantees well-diffused and soft lighting.

If, on the contrary, the client wants to opt for a more modern style, choose Sisma: a suspension lamp with a strong industrial character but a minimal soul. Its structure is completely bare of a lampshade or diffuser; instead, it is characterized by a skeleton in ribbed, painted metal rod in natural color and light sources hanging from black wires to be twisted and fixed according to your preferences.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light Ginger


2. Reception

Once you have selected the lighting fixtures that will occupy the lobby, you will have to deal with the reception lighting.

This is one of the most important workstations, as this is where the staff interacts and welcomes customers. For the reception, we advise you to choose solutions that can offer both task lighting and ambient lighting.

In this case, Black Out may prove to be the right choice. We are talking about a suspension lamp made with white fiberglass wire, to be completed at the total discretion of the client with a white ceramic candle holder—a designer lamp capable of giving functional brightness to the information desk and completing the furnishings.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light 24 Karati

24 Karati

3. Bedroom

To make guests feel completely at ease in their bedroom, transform these rooms into real oases of relaxation by focusing on a type of lighting capable of giving a familiar and comfortable aspect to the environment, obviously without sacrificing functionality.

Place suspensions in the center of the ceiling and install appliqués above the bedside tables to provide both ambient lighting and task lighting focal points on the sides of the bed.

Ideal for this position is Alì and Babà in the appliqué version: a white ceramic lamp with a simple but evocative design, which dresses the spaces and decorates the room with functional light. In addition, if the client wishes to instill a sense of stylistic continuity in the lighting system, you can always opt for the same solution but in the suspension model and install it in the center of the ceiling.

Does your client love animal style? Then choose Ugo Rilla and Ti Vedo: two appliqués with a strong visual impact that echo the animalistic features of a gorilla and an owl, respectively. These are fascinating and original lamps, in white and opaque gray ceramic, suitable for the most daring and perfect furnishing contexts to illuminate the bedrooms of a hotel.

In addition, if there are one or more desks in the room, place table lamps on them to ensure correct lighting for work and reading activities.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light Alì e Babà

Alì e Babà

4. Bathroom

The bathroom lighting should always guarantee visual comfort, freedom of movement, and, at the same time, instill a relaxing atmosphere.

For this environment, it is advisable to choose indirect light sources with soft shades, avoiding placing the lamps directly against the mirrors and above the bathtub and shower, both to maintain the intimacy of the spaces and avoid shining light in their eyes.

Perfect for illuminating this environment: Work in progress and Déjà-Vu : two solutions that share the same degree of high functionality and performance but have different styles.

On the one hand, Work in progress, totally devoted to industrial-chic aesthetics, evokes an old yard lamp through its silhouette, made more elegant and graceful thanks to the floral bas-reliefs inside.

On the other hand, Déjà-Vu is a lamp with a simple and classy design: a curvilinear arm in white ceramic with relief decorations that support a lampshade in white linen for a more diffused light.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light Work In Progress

Work In Progress

5. Corridors and passage areas

The corridors lead to the rooms and the external areas of the hotel; for this reason, they need optimal lighting to facilitate the orientation of the guests.

For this reason, it is advisable to use light sources that can create a sort of light path and also decorate these passage areas; in this case, you could choose recessed or wall lamps.

Karman Mini Catalogo Hotel 2021

6. Restaurant and bar

Upon entering the dining area, guests should immediately feel an atmosphere of conviviality and relaxation. Also, adjust the lighting of the bar and restaurant according to the hours of service.

During breakfast, rely on natural light: let the guests enjoy the morning light to start the day.

For lunchtime, focus on dynamism and set a bright gradation that stimulates guests to consume quickly. At dinner, on the other hand, play with the lights and shadows, giving the environment a peaceful and formal aspect.

Choose lamps that can optimally illuminate tables and workstations. The focal points will not only guide guests to their table, but once seated, they will be able to read the menu in comfort and savor the dishes visually even before tasting them, and the staff will be able to work more easily.

To illuminate the restaurant tables, for example, and also give a touch of elegance to the furniture composition, choose Cell a suspension with a minimal charm, a white metal wire structure, and white linen lampshade finished with a white silk tassel: a touch of class for a modern and refined lamp.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light Cell


7. Spa and wellness center

Total relaxation and peace are the sensations that outline the sensorial and perceptual profile of the spa and wellness area.

Make guests feel completely at ease: set a degree of lighting capable of painting an intimate and rarefied atmosphere with small soft and indirect light sources, scattered here and there to give the eye some reference points.

Even in this area of the hotel, you need the right amount of lighting and style, which is why, in this case, we recommend Black Out in the floor lamp version.

The dimension of the lamp and coloring of the fiberglass wire can be completely customized according to the technical-stylistic needs of the client —all designed to also optimally illuminate the pool & wellness area by adding a touch of personal style.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light Black Out

Black Out

8. Conference and/or ceremony room

For this common space used for meetings, workshops, formal business events, or even parties and ceremonies, a type of energetic decorative lighting is needed, able to stimulate those present, with a sober design. Opt for modern-style chandeliers or choose ceiling lights to be applied on various points of the ceiling; in this way, you will give the room a practical decorative aspect without excesses.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light Bacco


Outdoor lighting

The external image of a hotel is its "calling card" since it instills the first sensation of the atmosphere that you experience inside. For this reason, outdoor lighting deserves careful and targeted care for every outdoor location, specifically in the following spaces:

1. Patio

2. Winter garden or conservatory

3. Swimming pool

Let’s delve into the lighting needs of each one.

1. Patio

Being able to use the hotel's outdoor spaces will make the experience of your stay unique. If you are designing the lighting system of a hotel with an outdoor patio, choose decorative lighting solutions, such as floor lamps, for example, which serve as a continuation of the indoor atmosphere.

Optimize the design of a lighting system in 8 simple steps

2. Winter garden or conservatory

Enhancing the green spaces outside the hotel with the right lighting will allow visitors to enjoy their stay with pleasure.

In this case, you could create paths by installing step marker lamps, which will guide and accompany guests to a winter garden, in total stylistic harmony with the hotel interiors.

To give a romantic and pleasant look to orangeries or external conservatories, we recommend that you opt for designer suspension lamps, made with quality materials, such as glass, ceramic, technopolymer, or finished with fabrics.

Lamps of this type, such as Alibabig or Don’t Touch, will recall the aesthetics of the structure.

On the one hand, Alibabig, which recalls the style of Alì and Babà and prevails in size and aesthetic presence with its fiberglass structure, gives well filtered and uniform brightness to the space.

On the other hand, Don’t Touch: a floor lamp with a modern and captivating design that, with its tall stems in white PVC and base in white technopolymer, recalls the image of grandiose plants and shrubs placed in terracotta pots.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light Alibabig and Don't Touch

Alibabig and Don't Touch

3. Swimming pool

Designing the lighting of a hotel also means selecting the right solutions to illuminate the swimming pool. In this case, we suggest choosing floor lamps or standard lamps to be placed at the edges of the pool to highlight the contours and thus add decorative elements that will make the location even more attractive.


Designing the lighting of a hotel: every room with its own light Kimono


Why choose Karman designer lamps to design the lighting of a hotel

Karman lamps show a stylistic and functional versatility that makes them suitable for any context and environment.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the brand offers solutions with a strong aesthetic impact and remarkable technical content.

Let yourself be inspired by their charm and rely on our advice to design the hotel lighting that you have been commissioned to carry out. When the project is completed, you will get an amazing final result that will receive the approval of the client and will guarantee an exclusive experience for guests who choose to stay in the structure.


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For more information, support, and assistance choosing the right lamp models for the hotel or the accommodation you are dealing with, do not hesitate to contact us at this link. We are at your complete disposal.

Camilla Rossi


Camilla Rossi



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