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Decorative lighting for hotel rooms: 10 of the best suited Karman lamps

Posted On 18 January 2019

Many elements help create the right atmosphere in a hotel room, and light is one of them. Light can change a guest’s hotel experience.

Wall lamps, appliqués, chandeliers and floor lamps have the important functions of illuminating and decorating at the same time.


Hotel guests satisfied with the right lighting

Lighting that isn’t well-looked-after in a hotel room risks compromising the guest experience and can result in general customer dissatisfaction.

Paying particular attention to certain fundamental details, however, ensure that guests’ hotel stay is always pleasant and visitors leave with good memories.

The functions of light in hotel rooms

Light plays two important roles:

  • Illumination
  • Enhance the environment, where guests spend a good part of their stay, from an aesthetic point of view.

Studying and designing the decorative lighting for hotel rooms contributes to enriching and making each guest’s stay pleasant.

Not only.

The sensations that a lamp evokes in clients change depending on the type of lamp chosen. The rooms contain so many emotions and unique and precious treasures.

A selection of 10 Karman lamps best suited to decorate and illuminate

The first impression is the one that matters. The room door opens, and the client enters. This moment arouses unique and unrepeatable sensations.

Their gaze settles on the furniture, the bed and the curtains. Their eyes are captured by the play of light, and they observe the style of the room.

These are lamps that will always engross the guests, each one differently.

Ceramic lamps for fairytale dreams: Alì and Babà and Sahara

1. Alì e Babà

Alì e Babà is a precious profile inspired by the visions of the novels “One Thousand and One Nights”.


ALIE BABA E NORMA M Decorative lighting for hotel rooms

Alì e Babà 

The structure, harmonious and non-invasive, is in glazed ceramic, white or can be painted as desired, at the end user’s discretion. The lampshade is in ceramic or linen to provide the best diffusion of light inside the room.


ALIE BABA (2) Decorative lighting for hotel rooms

Alì e Babà

Created by Matteo Ugolini, Alì e Babà, in the appliqué or table version, is more than a lamp: it is a wish. A wish that accompanies guests to the magic and wonder of stories that never go out of fashion, indeed, that fly in the infinity of emotions.


ALI E BABA Decorative lighting for hotel rooms

Alì e Babà

Alì e Babà is a concrete path that you can trace with your fingers, stopping and starting again. When guests check out, they will keep the memory of a dreamlike, incredibly exotic atmosphere forever.


2. Sahara

Sahara is a suspended oasis with a strong visual impact.

The body is in green or white ceramic; it is not cold, on the contrary, it almost seems toinvite soft caresses. The material becomes lively and particularly glossy, thanks to the oxidation process that makes each lamp unique and original.


SAHARA (3) Decorative lighting for hotel rooms


The unforgettable shape recalls the green desert cacti that appear, like mirages, on the vast expanses of sand. Nature, with all its nuances, takes over the hotel rooms with this decorative lighting solution.

This suspension lamp is offered by Matteo Ugolini in 4 different shapes.


Le trulle, Norma M and Domenica awaken past sensations.

3. The trulle

Le trulle, designed by Edmondo Testaguzza, is the lamp of memories that originates from his passion for Puglia. It reminds us of the sun, holidays and bright stones that reflect light. With its soft and rounded shape, it evokes the Apulian trulli, ancient houses with a millenarian tradition.


LE TRULLE (3) Decorative lighting for hotel rooms

Le Trulle

The atmosphere created by the suspension lamp Le trulle is genuine, pure and simple.

Suspended above the bedside table, it guarantees the emission of direct light. The body in natural ceramic welcomes guest with a warm embrace; the final effect is comfort and relaxation. The wire diffuser builds the area from which the light passes; it is an open space, free, fresh, wide-ranging, that resists the passage of time and impresses.


LE TRULLE (2) Decorative lighting for hotel rooms

Le Trulle

The body and diffuser, apparently in contrast, complement each other and form a single structure in which ceramics and metal create the void and space and derive value from each other, in an unforgettable mix.


LE TRULLE (4) Decorative lighting for hotel rooms

Le Trulle

4. Norma M

It is an appliqué that takes you back in time.

Norma M is of adjustable height and remains suspended in space, like a star in the blue night sky. The body of the lamp is in opaque white ceramic, while the diffuser is in linen, always white.

The result, in a hotel room, is a surprising appliqué: charming and unstable, it seems to sway between the wall and the floor. Next to the bed, it takes on the meaning of a fixed point but not too much. The appliqué is there, ready to be turned on, but it seems like it wants to move away.

It bursts because it invites movement, creating a feeling of elusive elegance. It is practically impossible to be indifferent before Norma M.



5. Domenica

It is the melody of the holidays, the monotony suddenly breaks, in an explosion of light, joy and happiness.

Domenica is an invitation to gather together, calmly, as once before, leaving behind the frenzy of modern days. It is ideal to give guests the serenity of a time full of light and playful relationships, pleasant relaxation and family.


DOMENICA Decorative lighting for hotel rooms


The design, by Luca De Bona & Dario De Meo, takes the form of appliqués and suspension lamps with a white plaster structure and gold or white wire mesh.

Elegance is ensured by the features that appear on the plaster, sublime and delicate. The bell shape is an ancient memory of pleasant sounds, the premise of even more beautiful moments.

Brighten up and decorate hotel rooms with style

Every room has its own style, and the lighting follows its harmony. The overall finale is a whole look that is extremely cared for down to the smallest details.

A hotel’s personality is highlighted in the rooms, where clients have their most intimate and personal experience.

Metal meets light with Lucilla and Cell

6. Lucilla

It is a small treasure made of sunbeams that sculpt the space.

Lucilla is a suspension lamp with a minimal design that enhances the light in all its purity. It is a decorative lighting solution for hotel rooms that leaves no room for misunderstanding; with Lucilla, the sun enters the rooms, even on the darkest days. It does so in a refined, light and powerful way.




Matteo Ugolini has created a case that contains a very precious asset but does not cage it in. Instead, it helps it to best express itself. The lines are essential to allow the light to explode in all its strength. The structure is in rust coloured iron.

A hotel room with Lucilla acquires a refined, pure brilliance that invites us to understand that the simplest things are often the most important.


7. Cell

It is a suspension lamp that flies in a light sky.

Cell is the spirit of a tradition of more than 2,000 years, like the Chinese lanterns. The bright energy comes from the lampshade in linen, enclosed within the games of thin, white or bronze wire.


CELL Decorative lighting for hotel rooms


The structure of Cell, designed by Matteo Ugolini, is extensive and free, guests can’t resist it.The tassel in silk, white or black, holds out a hand to the observer, fascinated by so much harmony. There is an invitation to rise, to fly, at least with your eyes; to be carried away by desire.


CELL (2) Decorative lighting for hotel rooms


Positioned above the bed, alone or in a group, Cell completes the style of a cosy room, which helps you dream even before you fall asleep.


Pure light: Notredame and 24 Karati

8. Notredame

It is a lamp built on poetry and technological emotion.

Notredame is a gold or white technopolymer that filters and diffuses the light like the rose windows of the Gothic cathedrals. Past, present and future appear in a single stroke in this suspension lamp for decorative lighting for hotel rooms and coexist in a single form, made of pure light.

Luca De Bona & Dario De Meo awaken past memories between the fullness and emptiness of a three-dimensional texture.


NOTREDAME Decorative lighting for hotel rooms


In the golden version, Notredame is the main protagonist of sophisticated and elegant rooms. The metallic reflections highlight all the facets of light.



The imposing but light rosette structure, made of paintable marble powder, brings with it the charm of natural light.

The LED source transmits light directly with the central core but is also capable of enhancing the diffuser’s texture through the backlight, which diffuses an indirect brightness.

The final effect is beauty in disruptive movement, made of absolute magic.


9. 24 Karati

24 Karati is a suspension lamp that leaves you...breathless.

Impressive, majestic value for refined hotel rooms. The light that 24 Karati provides is more than decorative, it is purity to the max.

There is the breath of fire in this handmade lamp, designed by Matteo Ugolini, to remember the pendants of old chandeliers andenhance the gold, noble element, a metaphor of timeless craftsmanship.

The structure, in transparent smoky or pale yellow glass, or opaque white milk, is a hymn for the work of skilled hands and wise mouths. The imperfections tell a unique and unrepeatable story and are the basis on which the spirit of the product rests.


24 Karati

Retro and vintage, for contemporary and current furnishings: Life

10. Life

It is a lamp that collects history, passion and life.

Life, in the appliqué and suspension version, is ideal for decorative lighting for hotel rooms, reminding you of the old chandeliers with fabric lampshade.

Matteo Ugolini, with Life, gives us nostalgia, but without sadness and without regretting the past.


LIFE Decorative lighting for hotel rooms


The structure is in rust-coloured iron, while the lining is in denim fabric with a vintage finish, the result of a semi-industrial process. The fabric goes through a dying process before receiving the design elaborated by Karman with a laser.


LIFE (2) Decorative lighting for hotel rooms


Tears and stitching are then done by hand, before stone washing and spraying on a special "used effect" pigment. As a consequence, each lamp is different from the next.


Lamps 100% made in Italy for decorative lighting for hotel rooms

Each of the 10 Karman lamps for hotel rooms is unique because:

  • It comes from design projects where one or more artists let their ideas flow together to create inimitable sources of light;
  • It is made of very diverse materials that move on the same conductive thread, both inside the same lamp and in many possible combinations, made of different products;
  • It comes from a thorough study of the combination of the various materials.

Every lamp acquires its most profound meaning when it is immersed in the context for which it was chosen, just as a jewel makes a style precious only when it is worn.



For more information, support and assistance in choosing the right model with just the right impact for the home you are designing, do not hesitate to contact us at this link. We are at your complete disposal.

Camilla Rossi


Camilla Rossi



Karman, an Italian company, was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone. The company's world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces.